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RITZ DENTAL LABORATORIES offers the latest in Crowns from EMAX, Zirconia, VITA Suprinity and VITA Enamic and do not forget the Standard PFM, Full Gold Crown.


RITZ DENTAL LABORATORIES uses the latest Implants from brand name manufacturers such as Dentsply Implants, Nobel Biocare and custom abutments such as Dentsply Atlantis.


RITZ DENTAL LABORATORIES takes the utmost care to ensure your cases fit from Crowns and Bridges to Full Mouth Reconstructions.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

It is with great confidence that I recommend Frank Ritz of Ritz Dental Laboratory.

I have patronized this Dental Technician for 30 years because of his expertise and consistent fine craftsmanship. Even when he moved to Vancouver to partner in a busy lab, I chose to continue to send my impressions to him, after trying several labs here in Kelowna.

He provides our office with gold, porcelain, zirconia, e-max, veneers and implants and I have always been pleased with his product and communication. As a small lab, this personal one-to-one communication is of utmost importance to myself. I know precisely that he performs all aspects of fabrication and that each and every step is performed with diligence and no compromises. He will offer helpful and pertinent timely advice if an impression or prep may not produce the superior outcome that Dentists desire, rather than just trying to “fudge” the result. Remakes are a rare occurrence.

I wholeheartedly suggest that you give Ritz Dental Laboratory a chance and I am positive that you will be pleased with the results.

Dr. Ian M. Smith

Apple Dental Centre

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Frank Ritz of Ritz Dental Lab. I have known Frank for eight years and have exclusively used his lab for all my fixed prosthetic cases during that time. Frank is an honest and dedicated technician, His experience and knowledge of materials is evidenced by the skill and expertise seen in his work. Because Ritz lab is a small business, Frank is able to give personalized service to his clients, a trait seldom seen from a large commercial lab. That way you can expect consistent and customized results when you receive your cases. His work ethic will not allow for him to produce anything but first class results while charging no more than an inferior lab would.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Frank quite well over the years as we have grown a friendship. From this perspective, I can assure that he does not take shortcuts in his work nor uses second rate material. I can also attest to his craftsmanship in the fact that I have cemented over a thousand units produced by Frank over eight years without any issues.

I encourage you to have Ritz Lab create a few cases for you. You will not be disappointed. And you will have the pleasure of meeting a fantastic person.

Yours in truth,

Dario Notte BSc DMD

I have worked with Frank for several years, and have always respected and appreciated his commitment to the highest level of quality. Furthermore, his honest and open communication style has greatly enhanced the technician/dentist relationship, leading to optimal outcomes for the patient. Frank’s integrity and commitment to excellence makes him a truly outstanding dental technician.

Norman W. Ickert, DMD

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